-- By Jonathan Margalit

You know you need to eat less sugar, but how can you do it by making simple changes?

The right balance of nutrition can be tricky because there are so many foods out there with hidden sugar and sugar alcohol (even worse). And many foods marketed as "healthy," such as granola, have added refined sugars to improve the taste. If you have a sweet tooth, keep in mind sugar is not your friend when trying to eat right - even when disguised in a "healthy" package.

The goal isn't to avoid (natural) sugar completely, either - it is an essential source of energy - but to eat it in small amounts, 5 grams or less, throughout the day to maintain a healthy blood sugar level and stay energized. When you eat too much, though, like relying on the sugary breakfast cereal each day, three things happen:

  • The sugar flows through your body causing damage until it's eliminated as waste
  • You feel lethargic and lazy
  • Your body converts that sugar to belly fat

Carrying around extra fat leads to chronic problems like diabetes or osteoarthritis.

Here are five easy ways to cut back on sugar while still getting a nutritious breakfast, satisfying your sweet tooth and maintaining your blood sugar level throughout the day.

lots of sugar donuts and muffins

1. Eating dough in the morning will make you look doughy

In other words, stop eating refined sugary breakfast foods like donuts and muffins.

Instead, get early morning natural sugar with optimal nutrition, like a healthy breakfast smoothie - Complete Start.

Complete Start is the perfect solution to give you just enough delicious, natural coconut sugar, that satisfies and energizes, without refined sugar that causes leaves you feeling tired an hour later.

healthy almond and trail mix snack

2. Speaking of Natural Sugar

Opt for healthy snacks, like almonds, dried fruits, and JERF Bars, while drinking water instead of soda and juice. Soda and juice flood your blood with sugar and, actually, make you more tired than energized.

walking to stay healthy and avoid sugar

3. Walk, Walk, Walk... Up Stairs

A little exercise goes a long way when the sugar monster starts nipping at your feet. Instead of hitting the candy machine, try walking up and down a flight of stairs a couple times.

Exercise provides a much-needed distraction when you have a sugar craving and it also boosts mood and energy levels naturally. Sugar, on the other hand, even chocolate will cause an energy crash and bring you down.

low sugar apple slices to crave urges

4. Go for Quality Sugar, But Only Half

You have to have some sugar, so why not pick something that tastes good but is good for you, too. That way, you are making each calorie count and each gram of sugar mean something nutritional.

A half piece of whole fruit has just enough sugar to calm that itch but contains fiber and antioxidants, too. Try not to eat a whole apple or a whole banana because even those contain 17-20 grams of sugar.

low sugar complete start breakfast shakes

5. Break Those Meals Up

Instead of one big morning meal, have a quick healthy breakfast and a late morning snack, instead. Food is fuel, and if you fail to refuel throughout the day, your body forces the issue by making you crave quick energy in the form of sugar.

Try to eat something delicious but balanced every three to five hours to stabilize your blood sugar levels, so candy is less tempting.

There are many different approaches to cutting out sugar, but they all have one thing in common: they start with healthy breakfast options.

Complete Start offers the best of both worlds - it comes with just 4 grams of coconut sugar per serving and tastes great for a healthy start each morning.

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