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5 Simple Tricks to Avoid Bad Sugars

-- By Jonathan Margalit

You know you need to eat less sugar, but how can you do it by making simple changes?

The right balance of nutrition can be tricky because there are so many foods out there with hidden sugar and sugar alcohol (even worse). And many foods marketed as "healthy," such as granola, have added refined sugars to improve the taste.


The Importance of Healthy Habits and Routines

-- By Jonathan Margalit

You know good habits are key to a healthy lifestyle, but what does it really mean? Habits are routines you repeat without thinking. You use different habits throughout the day, such as brushing your teeth, jumping in the shower before work, and looking both ways before you pull into traffic. You've done them for a long time, they become habits and you don't give them a lot of consideration as they happen automatically.


The Importance and Life Benefits of Complete Breakfasts

-- By Jonathan Margalit

Productive and successful days start with complete breakfasts. As well as allowing you to concentrate on your work, instead of your grumbling stomach, eating a good meal at the beginning of the day could even help to protect your health. Let's take a look at some of the many benefits of complete breakfasts.


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