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Peanut Butter it is!

I got the variety pack because I had never tried this product and wanted to sample all the flavors. I like this product in theory as a good breakfast option for me but have to say that the greens and vanilla flavor is completely unpalatable. I’m not a picky eater and generally like greens but this flavor is just too much for me. I won’t be finishing those. I hate wasting but I just can’t. The peanut butter one though tastes really good and I’ll definitely purchase that one again. The mocha one is ok. Not bad, but not great. In all it does keep me full until lunchtime so it’s a good breakfast alternative.

Great start to the day.

Love it

Love the variety

I can't eat the same thing for breakfast every day, so I'm glad Compete Start starting offering these. I like being able to switch it up, can't wait till they come up with even more flavors!

Must have!

This shaker is a must have when mixing powder shakes. The whisk ball really helps mix everything together.


Influencer Sample Kit


Love this one-- my go-to!

Taste good

I like it the taste it’s good

My go to breakfast!

Love these! Filling, great taste and 20 mg of protein. Best of all they are plant based.

Great taste!

Just ordered Complete Start, very impressed with the taste. So convenient when your rushing out the door! I will definitely order this again and make it part of my daily ritual.

Delicious and gut friendly!

So happy to find a quick grab and go breakfast that tastes great and doesn't make my stomach hurt! You can shake it up in a shaker cup or in a blender. I liked them best with almond milk.

Great Ingredients

These products have really great ingredients and nutritional profiles. I prefer them blended with some milk and ice in the blender for a thicker shake! Highly reccomend

Great taste - leaked powder all over me!

I like two out of the three flavors and I love that I feel full most of the day. The only real negative was that when I opened the box, there was a lot of leaked product (a film of powder) over every single bag that got all over me when I opened the box. I had to clean each packet before putting them away in my pantry.

Great product

I love this shake. It's convenient, tastes amazing and most importantly, it's healthy. I'm not sure what more I can ask for. My favorite is the peanut butter and banana but they all taste great.

Healthy and Delicious

This is a quick, easy, and very healthy breakfast. But what I REALLY love about it is the taste. (I like the Rich Mocha flavor. Delicious and satisfying. Since I started using this I've given up having a cup of coffee in the morning.)

Extremely convenient! This is my go-to

I love that I can open one of these conveniently formulated sachets, and then run off to the subway for work. It's a huge advantage to have a solution that keeps me healthy and vegan while on the fly. Mocha is my favorite flavor! I love that I get my coffee, and a high-protein breakfast, all in one! Thank you, Complete Start!

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Love your product! Delicious!

Great Taste!!

Package arrived on time and in a nice package that allows you to sit up perfectly and grab as needed. I tried it the first day I got it and the taste was awesome! I have a hard time finding good tasting meal replacement and protein shakes, so I will definitely be buying again!!

the most amazing shake I've had

I am loving this product! I have tried several different breakfast shakes and the Complete Start is by far, the most amazing shake I've had. Great flavors and not at all chalky tasting like other brands! Hands down THE BEST.

Generally meets Pritikin Guidelines

I liked the idea that these packets are filled with plant-based protein and that they were meals and not supplements. As noted elsewhere, they are just sweet enough to be tasty with no after-taste. I'm also glad that there is no added chromium (which is a metabolism stimulant) -- but I would like to recommend the addition of at least 500 mg of Vitamin C. They generally meet Pritikin guidelines too: Milligrams of Sodium should be in 1:1 proportion with Total Calories (or less). Total added sugars should be 15 grams/day or less. And Fat Calories should be ideally 15% of Total Calories -- but I think 20% isn't a dealbreaker. Looks good!

... with a sampler pack and all thee flavors are great! They aren't too sweet and are really heal...

I started with a sampler pack and all thee flavors are great! They aren't too sweet and are really healthy for you. I like to mix the Rich Mocha flavor with some cold brew coffee and milk for a little extra kick in the caffeen department. Leaves me feeling full and energized for about 3 hours. Highly recommended!

Great way to start the morning and stay healthy!

I am going to reorder for our office again right away. Everyone enjoyed all 3 flavors and it is a great way to start the morning. I personally enjoyed the Peanut Butter and Banana. Most of our office is fit and really liked that the shakes included plant based protein. Excited to see what other flavors and products become available.

They fill me up in the morning and I've already noticed my metabolism working better since starti...

All of the flavors are tasty. They fill me up in the morning and I've already noticed my metabolism working better since starting to eat breakfast again... I will continue ordering these as "on the go" breakfast packs I can easily pack in my briefcase or gym bag. I also just ordered a tub of a competitor to use at home since you can get more for you money there. These packets are AMAZING and love them! Just a little pricy to do every single day like I now plan on doing since I'm clearly addicted. AWESOME PRODUCT!

Thick, tastes great, quick and easy!

I have veggie smoothies each morning, and this is an awesome alternative to my current regimen. Tastes great, I like the consistency (it's a bit thick for others, but I like em thick if you know what I mean ;) and super quick and easy to make. Eager to try the other flavors!

Easy, healthy, amazing taste

Everyday at home I make a green smoothie to start my day off on the right foot, but these are a great supplement when in the road. All natural ingredients, vegan, protein, greens, and that tastes amazing!!! I now have another tool to add to my life to make me stay on track while still on the road. They all taste and mix great, but the banana flavor is outta this world!

Delicious and healthy breakfast alternative for the whole family!

Purchased the sampler to try all the flavors, but the peanut butter banana was our family favorite! It's been great in the mornings. And, if I actually have a little extra time in the mornings, I throw it in the blender and add a real banana and a little vanilla yogurt - extra delicious and changes things up. Great product and quality ingredients. Highly recommend.

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